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Double Dummy is the movie that bridges the generation gap

This film explores the game of bridge and its growing popularity with younger generations.

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What people are saying about Double Dummy

“Double Dummy” illuminates the cool, complex world of bridge — and makes it easy to understand and love.

“Awesome! I loved every minute of it.”

Jeff Meckstroth
ACBL all-time leading masterpoint winner

“I thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it captured the different aspects of what makes bridge such an interesting and stimulating game.”

Jilly C.

“I really enjoyed the movie – felt like it was made for me!”

Michael Rosenberg
ACBL Hall of Famer

Bridge unites communities and enlivens minds.

This is your chance to open up a world of possibility to your young audience. Have fun playing a family-friendly game that brings people together and inspires minds to think.

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Five Ways to Introduce Your Friends to Bridge

Five ways to introduce your friends to bridge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Double Dummy is now freely available to stream here!

To play a bridge hand double dummy means to play as if you know all the cards. It can be a compliment, like, “you played that hand double dummy,” or can serve as a reason for not having played to best effect, “of course you didn’t play that way, that would be double dummy.”

Bridge is endlessly fascinating and will allow you to make friends with people of different ages and also play with people all over the globe. Try playing some deals featured in the film.