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  1. As I club owner, I cherish my under 60 clients, as we only have a few. I don’t believe this film will save “Bridge” but it is one small effort to keep it from dying.

    If we have many small efforts (I make one, every mini-lesson and game I run) we have a chance to keep this beautiful game going.

  2. I teach bridge at a night- life program.
    Teaching bridge at schools would be a great way of perpetuating the Game.
    it could be an elective at college.
    Bridge could be an after school program for elementary schools and high schools!
    Let’s fight to keep Bridge alive! ♣️♦️♥️♠️

  3. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for sharing. I agree, when we started making this film, I did so, thinking of myself heroically, wanting to save bridge. It’s a huge burden and I think you are spot on. I am glad to be able to share Double Dummy with bridge players and non bridge players alike. I am also proud of it being out there for people to see. It will outlive me!

    I’ve started a Wednesday lesson/play series here in Charlottesville, VA, because I like playing bridge and sharing it with others. Similarly, I am making plans to offer a Wednesday afternoon class to area youth. There is joy in offering these and planning them.

    John McAllister

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