Press & Praise

  • Phillip Alder, the last New York Times Bridge Columnist, not only appears in the film as an onscreen narrator, he also featured Double Dummy in his online column, which is now subscription based.
  • Cast members Adam and Zach Grossack and Adam Kaplan as well as producer John McAllister were featured in a story on CBC from the Summer 2017 North American Bridge Championships in Toronto, ON
  • Producer John McAllister is interviewed on Bridgewinners
  • Double Dummy makes the front page of the Daily Bulletin for the Toronto NABC
  • 11 year old Henry Kimbrough became a bridge player in response to going to see Double Dummy with his dad.
  • “Awesome! I loved every minute of it.” Jeff Meckstroth ACBL all-time leading masterpoint winner
  • “I really enjoyed the movie – felt like it was made for me!” Michael Rosenberg ACBL Hall of Famer
  • “I loved it even more when watched it a second time” Michael H.
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it captured the different aspects of what makes Bridge such an interesting and stimulating game.” Jilly C
  • “You’ve made a very very good job, I love that movie” Colin D.


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